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What we do?

We strengthen the innovation ecosystem.


We seek entrepreneurial teams that dare to build a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Our goal

We set out to improve the quality of life of millions of people


by tackling society’s great challenges through biotechnology and related tools.

How we go about it?

We facilitate the growth of 500 life science startups.

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We are a strategic alliance

SF500 is a joint initiative of Bioceres, the Santa Fe Province, and various actors of the innovation community of the province. We promote the development of an innovation ecosystem for the flourishing of life science ventures with entrepreneurial teams.

It seeks to promote the development of an ecosystem based on life sciences, which creates the conditions to promote entrepreneurial teams.

This dynamic ecosystem is made up of national technology centers, investors, accelerators, startups, organizations supporting entrepreneurial talent, businesses, and educational and scientific institutions.

Why we do it

We understand that biotechnology is a strategic tool for value generation.

Knowledge about life sciences -together with new technologies- enables the generation of innovative uses to tackle key global issues.

The high quality and relevance of Argentine science in this field are currently under-served by venture capital.

We believe Argentine scientists and entrepreneurs can deliver high value-added, for export products and services.

Our 4-vertical market focus



Supporting sustainable food production practices.

Health &


Improve the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through interdisciplinary approaches to healthcare.



Supporting the adoption of biomaterials that replace highly contaminating ones and/or those coming from non-renewable sources.



Transitioning towards carbon neutral products and processes.

Who we support

and scientists

with an idea or project with startup potential.


solving global problems.

and accelerators

investing in startups in the four vertical markets of SF500, allowing us to expand our outreach and access to relevant deal flows and initiatives.

Scientific funds
and trusts

investing in startups in the four vertical markets of SF500.


If you have a project, we can help you grow it. Contact us and get to know the details of our proposition.

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We build the

We nurture ideas and talent from day one.

We support entrepreneurs with capital as well as with labs, coworking spaces, mentors, legal and regulatory advice, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, value acceleration, and carefully planned transition strategies for successful exits via M&A with multinational companies.

We foster synergy and network effects and we bring to the table the vast experience and valuable management tools of our team to usher the growth and internationalization of the selected startups.


Life science firms


Annual investment in a private initiative with government support


Year time horizon

The SF500 universe

If you want to learn about our initiatives, tell us about your idea or organization, work with us, or simply get to know us, send us a message.

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