What is SF500?

We are a fund that seeks to facilitate the emergence of 500 life science startups in the next decade.

What SF500’s expected impact?

We want to build an attractive life science ecosystem that harnesses the potential of entrepreneurs, government, businesses, academia, and communities. We plan to support hundreds of startups that deliver positive economic, social, and environmental impact.

How is it managed?

The SF500 team has vast experience in the development of science and technology startups, the articulation of public and private sector goals and actions, and the deployment of operations of innovative life science businesses. Bioceres will be the key company and ecosystem builder. The SF500 selection committee will be formed by experienced investors and will approve the trust investments.

What type of investments does SF500 make?

We support the development of ideas/early stage startups. Investment amounts are set according to needs and stage of development, ranging from $50,000-$250,000 in earlier stages up to $1.,000,000 in later rounds. We will also invest in other funds and/or accelerators in the region to further ecosystem consolidation.

Who are SF500’s investors?

Bioceres and the Province of Santa Fe are SF500’s founding partners. The fund is open to people and institutions interested in investing in early-stage startup development in life sciences.

What type of initiatives does SF500 fund?

We support ideas and entrepreneurial teams from day one. We focus on life sciences, with an emphasis on four vertical markets: carbon neutrality, translational medicine, functional foods, and biomaterials. We seek talented teams that propose solutions to global problems in line with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

How is it legally constituted?

SF500 is a private financial trust that has a trustee with an institutional profile.