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CONICET* Life Science Researchers

(*CONICET is Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council)


Nobel Laureates in Scientific Disciplines

We want to make history

In the coming decade our global community will have to produce energy as well as healthy food for a growing population while taking care of the environment and tackling climate change. Argentina has an enormous opportunity to contribute to the solution of these challenges via the use of biotechnology.

At SF500 we seek to harness the interaction between the scientific and the business communities. We want to foster the co-creation of innovative solutions with global impact though the joint work of scientists and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to boost the IP creation of the Argentine life science ecosystem. We count with the support of Bioceres, S.A., the first Argentine biotechnology company listed on NASDAQ, born of an open, innovative model involving universities, businesses, and government.

SF500 is where Argentina’s highly creative science and technology sectors meet one of the most experienced teams in the art of translating scientific knowledge into global businesses.

Biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms for the manufacturing of products and the provision of services. It is present in our daily lives, such as in Covid-19 tests.

We stimulate a new wave of innovation in life sciences

We articulate breakthroughs in biological sciences with disruptive technologies in order to generate new capabilities and practices that can boost our solutions to global challenges.


We have over 20 years of experience building and growing businesses based on life sciences. We believe creating value is a collective task and we invest in people who dare to go into uncharted territory. Through SF500 we want to nurture a dynamic life science ecosystem for Argentine scientists and entrepreneurs to deliver solutions to the world. It is about people.


We believe in the potential of life sciences to tackle our most complex global challenges. We seek entrepreneurs than can create a more sustainable and equitable future.


Our mission is to support scalable life science startups that solve some of society’s most pressing problems. In order to fulfill this mission, we co-create the best entrepreneurial teams: we evaluate their high-impact ideas or ventures, analyze their financial viability, and mentor and fund them through each stage of their development.